Carl Gottlieb (JAWS, The Jerk)


Today on the podcast JAWS writer, actor and director Carl Gottlieb talks about his early days with the Committee – if you are paying attention you will notice lots of connections to the San Francisco improv group The Committee – his time as a TV writer with The Smother Brothers that lead to a little known show called The Music Scene, (basically the precursor to Saturday Night Live). Carl tells us how our old friend Robert Altman came to see the Committee and hired Carl to play Ugly John in MASH and how later he got a call from his friend Steven Spielberg asking him to rewrite JAWS. There is TONS of great JAWS stuff here, as well as stuff from one of my favorite movies The Jerk, a movie Carl co-wrote with Steve Martin. All that and more on this week’s episode of The New Hollywood Podcast.

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