Larry Hankin (Seinfeld, Escape From Alcatraz)


Today on the podcast actor Larry Hankin. If you don’t know who Larry is, believe me, you do. Larry has starred in countless TV shows and films, is probably most famous for playing the neighbor Mr. Heckles on Friends, he played the role of Kramer in the fake pilot Jerry and George make on Seinfeld, he often known for playing Carl in Billy Madison or the junkyard owner on Breaking Bad. Larry and Brian discuss his love of fire as a kid and how he almost burned down LaGuardia Airport, how his roommate Carl Gottlieb, the screenwriter of Jaws, keep him alive on stolen shrimp, how for years he performed a very radical version of stand up, was considered the other Lenny Bruce and counted Bob Dylan as a fan. He also talks about the unorthodox way he was cast by Don Seigel in Escape from Alcatraz where he played opposite Clint Eastwood. Lastly we discuss the what it’s like being that guy in that thing and how he deals with being stopped on the streets. All that and more this this weeks episode of The New Hollywood Podcast. 

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