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Mike Medavoy Part 2 (Zodiac, Orion Pictures)


Today on the podcast Mike Medavoy Part 2 – Mike and I talk about him getting started United Artists, how after his bosses told him hurry up and green-light a movie, the first thing he thought of was a book Kirk Douglas gave him years ago called One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest. We also discuss what it’s like making a movie with Sam Peckinpah, how producers simultaneously brought him Martin Scorsese’s next film New York New York and a script by some unknown actor called Rocky, how UA made them both and how the results of those two movies were not what anyone thought they would be. And we discuss his trip to the Philippines where he asked Francis Coppola when he was going to finish his film Apocalypse Now and Francis responded “Never”. All that and more on The New Hollywood Podcast. 

Henry Jaglom (Easy Riders, Venice/Venice)


For our 2nd episode of The New Hollywood Podcast, Brian sits down with film director Henry Jaglom. Henry is a little annoyed at Brian at first (enjoy listening to Brian squirm) but they quickly settle in and have a great talk about Henry’s early days in New York with Lee Strsberg, his time at BBS with his friend Bert Schneider and his many lunches with Orson Wells. There are a few technical glitches which we cut around as best we could FYI.